Richmond Pet Care Facility Continuing Care of Furry Friends During Pandemic


Many parents have had concerns over the health of their children since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. For pet owners, this rings true as well. The owner of For Paws Unleashed spoke with WBON-TV about how she and her team have adapted to these uncertain times to continue providing valuable care to our four-legged friends.

As cases of the novel coronavirus began being reported in the United States, governors nationwide began implementing guidelines in an effort to prevent widespread outbreaks across their state population. For Kentucky, this included closing many businesses to the public. This meant changes had to be made to the way Ashley Renton and the rest of the team at For Paws provided care to furry loved ones.

Fortunately, Governor Andy Beshear has stated that later this month, many previously closed facilities will be allowed to reopen under specific rules designed to maintain the safety of clients and employees. For Paws has already made necessary modifications to their business model to adhere to the new guidelines.

These changes also ensure that Ashley and her team can resume providing services that they previously offered prior to the statewide lockdown.

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