Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Kidnapping Scam


In a post on their social media page, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is trying to inform citizens of a recurring phone scam that aims to coerce victims into sending money out of the country. The money is meant to be ransom for a female relative that the scammers have supposedly kidnapped.

According to the post, Montgomery County alone has received at least three instances of this scam occurring. The scammers apparently ask a few questions before demanding the money for the fictional kidnapping. The call continues with the fraudsters trying to keep the victim on the phone, in order to prevent them from verifying the safety of the family member in question.

“They ask you to send money by money order out of the country”, the post reads. “In addition they have females in the background yelling for help as a part of this scam.”

The FBI has been contacted for assistance by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as the perpetrators were asking that the money be sent to another country.

If you have information on activity related to this scam, you can report it to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office by phone at (859) 498-8704, or email at If you are a victim of a scam outside of Montgomery County, please report it to your local authorities.