Republican House Candidate Aaron Yates Calls On Primary Opponent To Resign From Kentucky State House Race


Following the announcement that Monteia Mundy, a fellow Republican candidate for House District 88 would stay in the race despite her DUI arrest earlier this week, Aaron Yates released the following statement:

“On Sunday morning I was alerted that my primary opponent had been arrested for a DUI with no specific details. Over the coming hours what I hoped would be a minor incident of poor judgment was by her own admission an incredibly dangerous and reckless act.

Yates offered further comment regarding Mundy’s arrest:

“My opponent, believed to be under the influence of alcohol, fled the scene of a crime, drove on the wrong side of the road, and eventually into a ditch where she admitted that she had been drinking and shouldn’t be driving”, says Yates. “From there she failed to complete a roadside test. By her own admission, her actions were incredibly dangerous and could have led to the careless loss of innocent life.”

“With those facts in mind, it is time for her step away from this race. While the events of Saturday night are saddening and unfortunate, the fact that she continues her campaign in a race she cannot win makes it clear that she is out of touch with the people and the values of our district. Truthfully her actions have already left a stain on our party and our principles, and I urge her to step down and get her life in order before she causes herself and our party further embarrassment.”