Cover your face in style with local woman’s handmade masks


In order to stay safe and healthy while still looking good, you can help a local woman who is crafting masks. Renee Clark of Richmond spoke to WBONTV about her original ‘Royal’ masks that she makes herself from home.

Clark, a former server, has been out of work and chose to use her talents and time to help those in need.

She says that she takes donations, especially for fabric in order to get the masks to those that need them most. Clark adds that she can make them for kids with fun patterns as well.

The masks comply with CDC guidelines with the extra pocket to keep the wearer safe if they cough or sneeze. Clark adds that other states have shown a need for these as well, and she is more than happy to make shipments.

If you are interested, she asks that you look her up on facebook. Listen to the interview below for more information.