Wallingford Media Announces Expansions for Local News Coverage


Wallingford Media Company announces further expansions in local news and information coverage across all of its platforms. 

Bill Clary, General Manager for Wallingford Media, says “each day at 3 PM, on 100.7 FM, our staff is doing an expansive 30 minute daily local news cast.” Clary states this time has been set aside and coordinated with our local officials, EMA, our local health departments, health officials, and first responders. This the time to get everything you need to know in a timely and up to the minute forum. 

The station, known as “The Coyote” is one of the few FM stations also airing the Governor’s press briefing live at 5 PM daily.

“Producing 30 minutes of local news daily is not an easy task” Clary says, “we could only do this through our partnership with WBON TV and their staff of excellent reporters.

WBON TV also broadcasts the 30 minute local newscast live daily on their Facebook and YouTube outlets at 3 PM, and the program stays there for on-demand viewing. 

More expansions and major tools are in the works to keep our residents informed, according to Wallingford Media President Kelly Wallingford. “We are working hard to get Richmond’s first ever over the air television station on the air now. “WBON TV will soon be ready for airing on VHF channel 9. “This will bring WBON TV’s local news and content to 100’s of thousands of new viewers in the area. Many of these residents are in areas with poor internet service, that rely heavily on over the air transmissions for news and information,” Wallingford added.

Keep following WBON TV for more information on the new Richmond TV service coming very soon.