Richmond Man Charged with Attempted Murder Following Shots Fired


Richmond Police recently took a Turpin Drive man into custody on attempted murder charges, after responding to a call of shots fired in the area of the Country Side Inn.

The suspect, James Hawkins, was reportedly saying that, “that [expletive] is back at it again. They better have him in cuffs before I get back because this time they are going to take me…”. Another complainant said that Hawkins had allegedly tried to shoot him in the parking lot, and had fired multiple shots.

A nearby witness told officers that multiple shots had been heard in the area. The citation states that the victim was also in a patrol car with police. Upon speaking with a witness, she told police that she had come to the motel to bring food to her mother with Hawkins approached her, and that observed him with the gun and firing multiple shots.

The victim, a male, said that the two were fixing to fight according to the citation before the shots were fired. However, police were unable to locate any shell casings in the parking lot. Upon viewing surveillance footage, police report that Hawkins also allegedly attempted to hit the victim with his car.

Hawkins was asked to go to the Police Department for a recorded interview after the surveillance footage was reviewed, and Hawkins allegedly admitted to chasing the victim both on foot and in his car. However he added that he was only trying to scare the victim. Hawkins was arrested, charged with attempted murder, and remains in the Madison County Detention Center.