Musical Musings: Donnie Bowling & Brett Higgins


On this edition of Musical Musings, we welcome back a previous guest to our studio — Donnie Bowling! Donnie is not solo this time, though, as he was accompanied by collaborating partner and first time guest, Brett Higgins.

The two exhibit very different styles, but collaborate beautifully for a well-rounded performance. Both explained that they have new content and exciting side projects going on at this time as well.

Donnie has been up to a lot since the last time we saw him, as he’s not only been working on his music, but also partnering with charitable organizations and local non profits.

Although gigs will be on hold as of late, local artists such as the guests on our show need support more than ever.

Be sure to watch the interview to get a nice musical break from all the news, and to find out how you can support these musicians and others like them in our area.