Berea Mayor Responds to Emergency Declaration

  1. From a Press Release from Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley: “I want to assure all citizens of Berea that the emergency declaration, which is being issued in the City of Richmond and Madison County as well as the City of Berea, is a necessary action to protect our citizens and community.  Such as declaration puts all three governmental entities in a position to obtain funding and allow procurement of personal protective equipment for our first responders.  Also, I am very pleased with the high level of cooperation between the three governments, along with our local educational and medical institutions.  In summary, the emergency declaration is in the best interest of our City and the County as a whole.” 

“We are approaching this situation as a United Front:  The city is working closely with the City of Richmond and Madison County as we follow the guidance of Public Health officials at the State and Federal level.  From my perspective, we are preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.  I want to reassure our citizens that we are taking precautions with the safety of all of our citizens in mind.  I want to encourage everyone rely on the three official sources of information:

This is the time to put our best foot forward and come together as a community.   Don’t be afraid, be informed.  Don’t be worried, be helpful to those around you.

I will also quote City Administrator David Gregory: “Limiting close personal contact is our best tool for mitigation, and on the advice of public health officials, and with the State of Kentucky, and Madison County, we feel it is now time to do more. ” “