Interview with EKU Grad, Clay County Resident Living in China During Pandemic


Former Clay County resident and Eastern Kentucky University alum Cameron Wagers is in the heart of the corona virus panic at the moment: in the province next to Wuhan, China.

Wagers has been in the city of Wuhu, a prefecture-level city in southeastern Anhui province teaching English and working on video production projects.

We spoke to Wagers over the phone for this interview, where he tells of how the pandemic started back in late 2019 for the residents there, when they were initially told to not go to work with little explanation.

However, Wagers says that the government in China worked immediately afterwards to recommended free healthcare and visits to doctors for anyone suffering symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. These were covered for the most part by healthcare, unlike the situation seemingly occurring here stateside.

He says that initially he witnessed what seemed to be a ghost town as many stayed indoors when he went to travel back to see family in the US.

He continues that most all businesses were closed, including restaurants and clubs. However, Wagers says lives are going back to normal in China and people are now allowed to leave, resulting in the streets being near full again despite some small restrictions.

His advice for families here in Kentucky is to follow government officials and to not panic, and says that although the virus is spread easily it is not entirely severe. He says that all will return to normal eventually as he is beginning to experience in China.