Weekend Looks to be Nice and Sunny with Mild Temps


Some Central and Eastern Kentuckians saw flakes falling during their morning commute today. The morning started off cold, and it hasn’t really gotten any warmer throughout the day.

Today, our temps took a dive with the highs only reaching into the low 40s. The increased cloud coverage and winds certainly aren’t helping us out, either. Lows for tonight drop back down below freezing as the clouds stick around and the sun disappears.

Don’t worry about the weekend too much, though, as Saturday will begin a brief upward warming trend. Saturday is looking Sunny, with highs in the low 50s.

There will be a little more cloud coverage on Sunday, but the temps will continue to spring forward as highs will top out in the balmy low 60s. Hopefully, that will take your mind off of the hour we’ll be missing this weekend.