We’re Still Looking Sunny, But Light Snowfall is Possible Overnight


Another beautiful day that is going to be followed by a beautiful weekend, with just a little disturbance tomorrow morning when we could see a few snow showers to start your Friday.

Today, we started the day cool, but the warm-up will take us back up above average by the afternoon. Highs for Thursday will top out right around 60 degrees with partly sunny skies. Lows tonight will drop down into the low 30s making the way for some light snow showers early on Friday. We will see some heavier pockets of snow around the Bluegrass, but accumulation if any will be very minimal.

On Friday, our temps will take a hit with the highs in the very low 40s but we should rebound quickly with highs for the weekend back into the 50s and 60s. Hopefully, the 60 degree temps on Sunday will take the sting away from missing an hour of sleep as we spring forward for Daylight Savings.