Spotlight Playhouse to Showcase Performances of “Good Person”


One of the best kept secrets in Madison County, the Spotlight Playhouse, is preparing for a special series of shows starting tomorrow night. The show will not only provide hours of local fun and entertainment, but it will also benefit children in the area.

“The Good Person” is a show adapted from a German play to take place in Kentucky with more familiar personalities. According to guest director Tony Crachiolo, who also adapted the play, this version of the story will be more comedic and involve actors portraying multiple characters while onstage.

All of the proceeds from the play will go towards the Children’s Acting School Scholarship fund.

Children from all around the region journey to the Spotlight Acting School to hone their craft. A large reason for this is based on the Spotlight Acting School’s mission to never decline a student because of an inability to pay for lessons.

“Expect to laugh, expect absurdism”, says Crachilolo, “but most of all, expect to be thoroughly entertained for a couple of hours.”

“The Good Person” begins showing Friday, March 6th at 8:00PM and has showings this weekend as well as next weekend. A full list of showtimes and ticket rates can be found here.