Owner Comes Home to Find Pet in Dumpster: Suspect Arrested


Richmond Police report responding to a call reagrding an abandoned dog found in a dumpster around a Villa Drive location. The complainant made contact with officers and advised them of the suspect, 24-year-old Tyler Dabney.

Officers report Dabney volunteering in conversation with officials and reportedly admitting to abusing the dog after he had been bitten while going for a tennis ball. Dabney then allegedly proceeded to tell police how he strangled the canine and additionally attempted to drown the dog in the toilet bowl.

The victim/pet owner reports confronting Dabney about her pet, to which he allegedly told the victim that he killed the dog and put it into the dumpster in a box when it wasn’t responding. The victim located the pet in the dumpster in an amazon prime box.

The owner stated that the canine seemed to be walking and moving well.

The suspect, Tyler Dabney was arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention on charges of Animal Cruelty 2nd Degree.