Richmond Man Arrested After Hitting Multiple Mailboxes Allegedly While Intoxicated


A car that allegedly hit multiple mailboxes led Richmond Police to the scene, and a local man ended up behind bars.

According to the citation, police arrived at Gibson Lane to find the suspect, Joseph P. Davidson, who told officers that he left the scene of the accident. Police found the vehicle at Davidson’s apartment, and had to put it in park as it was left running.

Davidson allegedly told police that he “had been drinking a lot” and had wrecked his car an hour prior. Davidson then allegedly failed multiple sobriety tests, and had a nearly empty bottle of vodka in his possession.

The estimated value of the damage done to the mailboxes, according to police, was around $1,500. Davidson was transported to the hospital as he said he would get sick, and was then taken to the detention center and charged with leaving the scene of an accident, 1st degree criminal mischief, and operating a vehicle under the influence.