Hole in Floorboard of Truck Lends Clues for Drug Arrest


A traffic stop for no registration plates led to a drug arrest for a Richmond man. According to Richmond Police, Anthony Bartley was seen in the vehicle in question, but originally gave officers false identifying information as the name of a former classmate of his.

Bartley then told officers of his real name following a warning, and allegedly consented to a search of the vehicle. Officers discovered a large hole in the floorboard of the car, and with the draft this created they were able to determine that the baggies with suspected drugs laying in the backseat had been tampered with as they had not flown out of the car while Bartley was driving.

The citation details that Bartley admitted that the baggies contained suspected cocaine, but later admitted that it was methamphetamine and he had thrown it in the backseat as he was being pulled over.

Bartley also allegedly told police that he had given a false name as he was aware there were warrants out for him.

He was arrested and charged with theft of identity of another without consent, tampering with physical evidence, and possession of drug paraphernalia.