Going Bananas with the Banana Run Club


Many people try to find new ways to make exercise fun, but one Berea College group has taken physical activity to a new, unique level. We spoke to members of the Banana Run Club who told us about the history of their group and where they see it going in the future.

Co-founders Zakary Sholtz and Vincent Davis gave us the rundown on how the Banana Run Club got started. What started out as part of a friendly competition, soon transformed into the idea that would kick-start the club becoming official.

Since many people face a lack of movement in their daily routines, Davis and Sholtz say that one of the goals of the group is to make the ordinary act of walking and running a fun and supportive experience.

This is a sentiment that was also shared by current club president, David Reynoso.

When asked about the future of the group, Sholtz says that uniqueness of the club as well as the universal appeal of bananas will provide the group with staying power for years to come.