Berea College President Announces Dissolution of 2020 Baseball Team


In a letter to berea college, President Roelofs announced that with deep regret they will not continue the college baseball team for the spring 2020 season.

The president said in the letter that all students on the team are expected to abide by school rules and uphold Berea College policies. Reports state that the decision was made after off-campus parties were allegedly occurring which led to the dissolution of the team for this year.

Roelofs said that they have extended apologies to the USA south conference and other member schools that are affected. He ended the letter saying that they hope to reinstate the team for the next year.

WBONtv member station The Pinnacle had an exclusive interview Thursday morning with former player Seth Wallingford, who said that two players were suspended from the institution. Wallingford also noted that they were pulled into a meeting Wednesday when the news was broke to the team. They were reportedly not given a reason for the decision.

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Here is the full letter from the President: