Madison County Health Department Offers Classes on Diabetes Education


Diabetes is a serious health concern in Kentucky, but it is the mission of Madison County Health Department to minimize the epidemic locally. That’s why they are now offering two new types of classes to help educate the public on the condition.

Kelley McBride, a Madison County Health Department official, says she has seen an alarming trend of increased diabetes diagnoses among Kentuckians.

Factors like poor diet and lack of exercise often play a big role in the development of diabetes.

Education is important when it comes to living with diabetes. And the health department is doing their part in teaching people all the details by offering educational courses that will provide advice on better living with diabetes.

To sign up for one the educational seminars, you can call (859) 228-2044. In addition to the in-person classes, the health department is also offering up a new online course aiming to prevent the onset of diabetes.

For more information on the classes, visit the Madison County Health Department’s website.