Kentucky Food Bank Receives Large Donation


Hunger is an issue that some know all too well. Organizations like God’s Pantry, a food bank serving Central and Eastern Kentucky, have made it their mission to assist those who may not know when or where their next meal will be.

According to God’s Pantry website, it is estimated that 1 in 6 Kentuckians are uncertain of where they will find their next meal. Going by current state population estimates from the United States Census Bureau, that means that about 745,000 people (including children, adults, and seniors) would be considered “food insecure”.

Since God’s Pantry is a non-profit organization, volunteers and donations are vital in reaching their goals of reducing food insecurity across the 50 counties they serve. That’s what makes today’s donation from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield so special.

The health insurance giant made a donation of $190,000 earlier today at the Woodford County food bank location. The money from the donation is expected to help provide food for over 200,000 Kentucky residents.

If you want to find out more information on God’s Pantry and the state of hunger in Kentucky, or if you are interested in making a donation, visit their website.