Becoming MC Farmer Brown: Educating Kentucky Children about Agriculture Using Hip Hop


Trevor Claiborn, aka MC Farmer Brown, breaks the mold when it comes to agriculture in Kentucky.

The Lexington native says that growing up in the inner city had left him with only two seemingly obvious career paths: sports or music. He chose the latter, which took him and friends to Atlanta with their hop hop group.

However he eventually came back to Kentucky, and working in lawn care led him to pursue a STEM degree that taught him all about agriculture. This led to a career at his alma mater, writing children’s books, and becoming MC Farmer Brown, using hip hop music to teach kids about farming and agriculture.

Claiborn says that one of his professors at Kentucky State told him that only 2 out of every 100 farmers in Kentucky are African American.

Claiborn adds that it was his niece not knowing where her food came from that sparked the idea that led him to take on rapping along with his studies.

Also a writer, he adds that he wants to create positive images and push home curriculums for students that are easy to understand for school children.

We also spoke with him about the current swell in Country and Hip Hop conglomerations, such as the incredibly popular Blanco Brown and Lil Nas X, who Claiborn praised with helping children learn about farming through their raps, just as he intends to do.

He cites the current state of education in Kentucky as well, and says that writing children’s books has opened up another career objective for Claiborn to help children learn about Agriculture, just as he did.

You can watch his videos and find a link to his books on the Farmer Brown website.