Bundle Up For Tonight’s Chilly Lows


It is a gorgeous day for most of Central Kentucky today. Quite the opposite from yesterday’s gloomy overcast skies. Those clouds, along with the rainfall, cleared up overnight and we have a bright, mild day out there today.

The highs for today are in the mid 40s, a little closer to average for this time of year. Tonight is going to be mostly clear, with no significant chances for rain. But, the lows will drop all the way down into the mid 20s. So, if you’re going to be at the Central vs. Southern basketball game, be sure to bring a warm jacket and gloves.

Tomorrow will be a return to the cloudy skies that have been seen so frequently recently. Highs for Friday just barely break into the low 40s, but the lows aren’t much colder. Friday night won’t even get below freezing as the lows stop at right about 34. Looking ahead to the weekend, we have a rainy Saturday that is expected to have plenty of wind to accompany it.