‘Devastating’ Implications: Sheriff Speaks on $304K Cut to Department


Recently in an unanimous vote, the Madison County Fiscal Court cut the sheriff’s budget by $304,000. Not only will this affect years going forward, but the amount will have to be retroactively deducted from the 2019 budget.

According to Sheriff Mike Coyle in a sit down with WBONTV, this cut will cost the sheriff’s department four deputies. The department will also have to make difficult decisions regarding the cut of multiple services and programs, which according to the sheriff may include the recently bolstered and strong K9 program.

Coyle says that not only are they responsible for the tens of thousands of calls and patrolling, but also the court system and security in schools.

Coyle says that this is due to the chronically overcrowded jail, which has led to Madison County government being in the red for quite some time. At this rate, the Fiscal Court has said that they may need to declare bankruptcy and dip into county savings just to recoup the costs to run the jail.

The Sheriff says that this is devastating to the department, and although he supports decisions made by the Fiscal Court, this could have long-running implications for the safety and security of the county as well as his deputies.