Richmond Man Arrested on Strangulation Charge, EPO Violation


A man accused of domestic assault has been arrested following the violation of a restraining order placed on him by the victim.

Richmond Police arrived at a Foxhaven Court residence early Sunday morning to investigate a report involving 27 year-old Charles Denny and his partner. When police spoke with the victim, they stated that Denny had strangled them during an argument the two were having.

The victim went on to claim that during the alleged strangulation, they began kicking and punching Denny in an attempt to stop the attack. Denny reportedly quit choking the victim after they were able to scratch at his throat. Officers observed marks on the victim’s neck they say are consistent with manual strangulation.

Denny allegedly denied choking the victim during this incident, but admitted that they had been in several physical altercations throughout the day.

Later the following day, Denny was arrested following an apparent EPO violation that had been served after the assault. The restraining order had stipulated that Denny had to vacate the aforementioned residence and to stay 500 feet away.

According to police, Denny stated that he understood the terms of the EPO but he didn’t have anywhere else to go. During Denny’s arrest, a small amount or marijuana was reportedly found in his jacket pocket.

Denny was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center and charged with 1st Degree Strangulation, 4th Degree Assault, Violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO, and Possession of Marijuana.