A January Heatwave? Temps Continue to Rise Throughout the Weekend


There’s a little more cloud cover out there today, but the temps continue to rise.

We have highs today that are much warmer than we would usually see for the ninth of January. The average for today would be in the low 40s. We will make it up to around 60 degrees today, albeit with some gusty wind.

Lows tonight will stay very mild, only dropping to around 50 degrees with a very slight chance for some light showers.

The unexpected January heat continues tomorrow with highs reaching all the way up in the upper 60s, and rain moving into the area in the evening. The rain sticks around for the weekend and so do the warm temps.

Highs for Saturday are likely to reach all the way into the 70s, crushing the previous record of 66 degrees from only two years ago. If you are concerned that we are going to miss out on Winter, don’t worry. Kentucky weather is living up to its expectations.

We are already tracking some arctic temps for the middle of next week. Mother Nature is keeping it interesting.