Hometown Recovery: Stories of Madison County: A Long Road for Todd Chaney


It was a long road for Estill County native Todd Chaney to finally say enough is enough and get sober. Chaney told WBONtv in our new series centered around recovery success stories about the hard knocks he had to take with drugs and alcohol starting when he was quite young.

Chaney explains his story of recovery, saying that after college he found himself already in treatment centers during his early twenties.

However, this was not enough, as Chaney elaborated that things only got worse to the point that he was unemployable and living on the streets. He adds that this dark existence was a far cry from his upbringing where he had all the tools at his disposal for a successful early life, but he chose drugs and alcohol because of the nature of the disease.

The main point Chaney attempts to convey to viewers is that there is nothing wrong with someone currently steeped in addiction. He says that there are many opportunities here in Madison County, and there is a large community in recovery in the area that support one another and help each another get the care they need…just as he did.

Chaney happily reports he now has 15 years in sobriety, and it took him asking for help to get to this point. He now is gainfully employed, married to a partner in recovery, and happier than ever.

Be sure to keep watching for new installments with the Hometown Recovery series, where WBONtv profiles the many success stories in an effort to get those still struggling with an addicted family member, or with addiction themselves, to get the help they so desperately need.