Waco Man Arrested on Trafficking Methamphetamine, Drug Charges


The Richmond Police Department recently took a Waco man into custody on trafficking in methamphetamine and other drug charges.

The citation states that the car that Elbert K. Boggs was in had a cancelled license plate, prompting a traffic stop. When police engaged with the occupants, Boggs was allegedly seen frantically attempting to hide something in his pocket.

Upon exiting the vehicle, Boggs was observed by police to have on his person a plastic container with suspected methamphetamine.

The other occupants, Rhonda Lecompte, Adam Larkin, and Adam Tudor were then ordered out of the vehicle in order to initiate a search, where syringes, some of which with different colored liquids, were discovered.

Boggs claimed ownership of the paraphernalia and the other three were released. It was later found that Boggs had a warrant out for his arrest, and he was taken to the detention center and charged with possession of marijuana and trafficking in methamphetamine.