Update: Former Richmond Teacher Investigated by FBI for Federal Child Pornography Charges


A Richmond teacher formerly of LaFontaine Preparatory School has now been terminated, following a search of his home by FBI officials. Larry Foley was previously a third through fifth grade teacher of Social Studies and Engineering.

According to the school’s co-founder, Gus LaFontaine, the judge had previously sealed the court documents, and the nature of the case was yet to be disclosed until Wednesday afternoon. LaFontaine says that the FBI contacted him Monday, following the search of Larry Foley’s home.

Here is the letter sent to parents Wednesday:

LPS Families, 

I am providing an update from my earlier email with regard to Mr. Foley. I just finished speaking with the federal agent that contacted me Monday. This was our first conversation since Monday. 

She provided the following update: 

Mr. Foley was seen in federal court this morning. He was charged by federal agents with possession of child pornography. His previously sealed case is now unsealed. Moments ago is when we learned of his charge. 

As I was Monday, I remain shocked. I, along with others and you, are experiencing a range of emotions. 

The most pressing question I had for the federal agent was again, did this affect any of our children? She reiterated, as she did Monday, that there was no investigation of the school or our students in any fashion. This is the only thing that keeps this event from being the worst imaginable scenario for a school. 

As you’re aware, the media is very interested in this story. I have been responsive as they’ve solicited me. I suspect them to contact me again. 

I continue to discuss this topic with counselors and therapists. I want to ensure that this event is addressed in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

Our staff is devastated. They take pride in our school and our work. I sense their fear that this event may tarnish that.  

Gus LaFontaine
LaFontaine Preparatory School

Previous Story:

Foley has been arrested at this time, but officials report that students from the private school are not involved in this case.

LaFontaine told wbontv that he was shocked to hear this news and was unaware of any such investigation taking place, and that the safety of students remains his top priority.

Foley is currently awaiting his arraignment at the Federal Court in Lexington, today, January 7th. LaFontaine says that the agents he spoke with informed him that all the proceedings would be sealed from public record.

Here is the full letter from LaFontaine: