ATV Operator Allegedly Attempts to Give KSP the Slip


Kentucky State Police report that on Old US 25 they allegedly observed an ATV being operated on the roadway. Officials report the ATV pulling into the overlook where they were parked.

Officers reportedly attempted a traffic stop, but the ATV operator failed to yield, according to police, and began to flee down the roadway. The pursuit led past a trailer and into the mountains behind the residence. The officer in pursuit reportedly exited his patrol vehicle and entered the mountain passage following ATV tracks on foot.

According to the citation, two figures were seen walking down the mountain moments later. Police came into contact with Greg Damrell and Francis Bailey, who when questioned by police, allegedly stated that they were almost struck by the ATV as it continued past them.

According to police, Damrell and Bailey met the description of those occupying the fleeing ATV and upon location of the ATV along with some clothes, police determined that Damrell was the operator and that Francis Bailey was not a willing participant in the matter of fleeing.

Due to Damrell’s actions, police report that Bailey was placed in immediate danger. Damrell was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on charges of Fleeing and Evading, All Terrain Vehicle Violations and Wanton Endangerment to the 1st degree.