Fighting the Opioid Epidemic from a United Front: Madison County’s MORE


A new conglomeration of local businesses and organizations is ready to take on the constant plague that is the opioid epidemic. It is dubbed MORE: Madison Opioid Response Engagement.

WBONtv spoke with Jackie Rousey of Foothills who told us how the non-profit organization will be teaming up with White House Clinics, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, FAHE in Berea, the Madison County Health Department, and local 12-step meetings in order to form a united front to help decrease mortality from the disease of addiction.

She explains that this is all in part following a grant that was awarded from HRSA, the Human Resources and Service Administration. The grant is called RCOR, Rural Community Opioid Response.

The new group will be having a kick off celebration in order to get anyone interested in their endeavors more information.

Also stay tuned as WBONtv is teaming up with the conglomeration to bring personal stories of those that have recovered in the Madison County area every few weeks.