Agriculture Year in Review: Bleak for 2019, but Cash Crops could be Coming


After what seemed to be a dismal year for Kentucky farmers, WBONtv spoke to Agriculture Agent Brandon Sears who told up that as the markets are always in flux, there is still hope yet for local growers.

Sears begins by talking about the cattle farmers, who says that the weather that we have recently experienced had caused concern for multiple reasons for Kentucky Cattle farmers, including a poor hay crop and frozen conditions.

We also touched on other staple crops of Central Kentucky and Madison County, such as corn and soybeans, which did not produce outstanding numbers compared to past years.

Also discussed was the waning of tobacco crops that could be replaced by the recent interest in hemp and CBD, which Sears elaborates is a newer crop that there is still a lot to be worked out when it comes to legislation and information on how the crop is to be grown.

Overall, Sears explained that it was by no means a record-breaking year, but that there is yet hope as tariff issues and education on new crops like hemp will make for an exciting 2020 for local farmers.