Uncertainty Among Clark County Citizens Following Sheriff’s Office Budget Cuts


Following the news that the Clark County Fiscal Court voted to reduce the sheriff’s office budget by almost $243,000 during their last meeting, many individuals had concerns.

Several speakers, including County Sheriff Burl Perdue, voiced their concerns to members of the court. As the news came during the often stressful holiday season, many were outspoken in their belief that the new budget was causing added turmoil to families of those who are employed at the office.

Others brought up concerns regarding the security of the county and the overall safety of its citizens.

One of the county magistrates who voted to approve the modified budget has claimed the proposed cuts have been overestimated, and that the approved budget is more accurately balanced with the revenue and costs associated with the department.

Pending any amendments that could occur during next year’s Spring meetings, the new budget would take effect at the end of June 2020.