Trio Arrested by Richmond Police on Drug Charges

Left to right: Shawn Sparks, Jean Cole, Michael Fryer

Three people are now behind bars following a traffic stop on South Collins Street which occurred recently.

Prior to the stop, the officer had reportedly received an anonymous complaint that the vehicle was traveling from Lexington with heroin. The driver of the car, Michael Fryer of Richmond, gave consent to authorities to search the vehicle, where a small bag of suspected heroin was allegedly located under the floor mat behind the driver’s seat.

One of the passengers, Shawn Sparks of Ravenna, was also reportedly in possession of a syringe which was found in his pocket.

According to the arrest citation, Fryer claimed that he picked up Sparks and his wife, Jean Cole of Ravenna, in Lexington to give them a ride. Sparks denied any knowledge of drugs in the vehicle, but apparently stated that Cole was previously a drug user.

Cole then reportedly told police that they had traveled to Lexington to find drugs, but said they were unable to do so. She added that her husband was a “pill user”. When the officer asked all three of them about the suspected heroin, nobody claimed ownership of the substance.

However, after being placed under arrest, Cole allegedly said it belonged to her because she did not want Fryer to go to jail. During transport to the detention center, police say that Cole once again denied that the substance was hers.

While in the back of the police cruiser, Sparks and Cole reportedly told authorities that Fryer bought drugs with money that was lent to him by Sparks, but they were unsure of what happened after that.

All three of the suspects were charged with 1st Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin) and Tampering with Physical Evidence. Sparks had an additional charge of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Fryer was charged with Operating on a Suspended Operator’s License.