Berea Mayor Talks New Pavilion Project


The Berea Farmer’s Market has never had a permanent home, but that could be set to change according to Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley. He says that the city of Berea is in the final stages of receiving funding in order to dedicate a space for a new pavilion in town.

Fraley says that the pavilion is planned to primarily act as a permanent location for the Berea’s Farmer’s Market, but adds that other events such as concerts and pop-up markets are among the possible functions that will be held on the grounds.

The site selected for the new event space is the former location of the Ford car dealership, on the corner of KY 21. According to Fraley, this is property that tourism funds purchased years ago.

The pavilion isn’t the only project that the city is planning. A rehab of the Tolle Building, which will act as the Berea Welcome & Event Center, is also scheduled. These projects are currently pending until the funds are approved for the city.

Fraley told us that the most exciting element of planning these projects has been the co-operation and support between entities like the Berea Tourism Commission and the City of Berea.