Boyle County Schools Issue Apology Following Insult Directed at Johnson Central


Boyle County Schools officials have issued an apology following a video that allegedly depicted a school official insulting students from the high school they will be playing this weekend for a state football championship.

The video in question was displayed on social media and reportedly appeared to show an associate of the school claiming that “a lot of people in Johnson Central can’t even count to 100.”

Boyle County Schools superintendent Mike LaFavers issued a statement regarding the comment, which our media partners at LEX18 received:

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the Johnson County School system and its community. The comments made yesterday at the pep rally do not represent the values of the Boyle County School district. I have reviewed the sensitivity of this matter with the employees involved, and they now understand that the comments they made were hurtful and were not a good representation of the district,” said LaFavers.