Richmond Police: Winchester Man Allegedly Assaults, Threatens Victim


A Winchester man is behind bars following his arrest stemming from charges of assault and terroristic threatening.

According to Richmond Police, 50 year-old Jerry Combs is responsible for assaulting the victim twice within the last 30 days. During the most recent incident, Combs allegedly “chest bumped” the victim while in the bathroom of their residence. This resulted in the victim’s body being violently slammed into a nearby sink, before falling and striking the toilet and bathtub.

This reported assault led to severe bruising and pain of the victim, prompting a visit to a Richmond hospital. Hospital officials declared that the victim had suffered three cracked vertebrae and a bruised kidney.

According to the citation, the victim told the officials that they had fallen, because they were afraid to report the attack. Combs had allegedly threatened to have the victim killed if they reported him.

On November 30, an EPO was served to Combs at the residence the reported assault took place. When officers attempted to detain him for questioning, Combs allegedly locked himself in a bedroom for over one hour, before finally exiting the residence in police custody.

While being interviewed, Combs reportedly stated that the victim’s injuries are a result of them falling off of a milk crate and landing on the sink. Following the interview, Richmond Police arrested Combs and transferred him to the Madison County Detention Center.

Combs is charged with 2nd Degree Assault and 3rd Degree Terroristic Threatening.