Richmond Man Allegedly Threatens to Smash Victim’s Fish Tanks and Destroy Cars


The Richmond Police Department made an arrest over the weekend involving a male subject who reportedly broke into a Turpin Drive residence.

An officer received the complaint which stated that the male subject, later identified as Jonathan Mosley of Richmond, was attempting to kick down the front door of the victim’s home. When the official arrived on the scene, they observed that the door frame had been broken and pieces of it were scattered on the floor.

According to the citation, Mosley was sitting on a couch inside the residence before being detained and transferred to Madison County Detention Center.

During the police interview, Mosley stated that he was mad because the victim had taken his truck without permission. The vehicle was registered under the victim’s name, but according to Mosley, he was the one who paid for it.

Further reading of the arrest citation indicates that Mosley then called the victim’s home and allegedly made a promise to damage their belongings. This apparently involved smashing fish tanks located inside the residence, and damaging their vehicles in the parking lot.

According to the victim, Mosley called them again and told them to come back to the apartment because he was going to fight them.

Mosley was arrested and lodged at the Madison County Detention Center, where he was charged with 2nd Degree Burglary and 3rd Degree Criminal Mischief.