Berea Police: Man Claims to Have Pipe Bombs, Booby Traps in His Home


Berea Police officers were dispatched to Lilly Rose Lane early Tuesday morning in response to a call claiming that a house was being broken into. The caller, 37 year-old Brandon Smith, claimed that it was his neighbor’s house being broken into, but gave the dispatcher his own address.

According to officials, Smith had contacted emergency services 14 times in a span of six days. The claims made by Smith included allegations that police officers were breaking into his residence, and that they were in his attic.

The arrest citation indicates that when police attempted to respond to the calls, Smith was either absent from his household or would refuse to allow them into his residence.

When officers would arrive on the scene to investigate the claims, Smith reportedly refused to communicate with them. Further reading of the citation indicates that Smith stated that he had pipe bombs and was going to blow up his residence if the “unknown people” did not leave him alone. Additionally, Smith allegedly threatened to blow up his neighbor’s residence.

Emergency officials were also advised by Smith that he had installed booby traps inside his home, and that it was not safe for police to enter the residence.

On Monday afternoon, Smith was detained and transported to Eastern State Hospital. Officials from the hospital released Smith due to his alleged substance abuse, and reportedly not having any type of mental health issue.

After police responded to the most recent call made by Smith, they conducted a safety sweep of the residence and did not locate anyone or any evidence of a burglary having occurred.

Smith was arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center. Officers charged him with Harassing Communications, Falsely Reporting an Incident, and Terroristic Threatening.