106.7 The Pinnacle is Berea’s New Home for Music and Community Info


You may have heard some new sounds on a local radio station recently. WBON visited the studio of 106.7 The Pinnacle to talk with station manager Jamie Boggs and found out what this station will mean for Berea.

Boggs tells us that it has been a long time since Berea has had its own radio presence, and that the Pinnacle aims to be a true local station. This involves covering community events and telling stories that are close to home.

Even though the Pinnacle is currently Madison County’s home for Christmas music, that’s not what the station will be known for after the holidays wrap up. Following the holiday season, the Pinnacle will begin its permanent programming of 80s and 90s light rock.

Additionally, Boggs will be hosting a morning drive radio show, covering both local and national stories.

And, if you don’t have a radio antenna, don’t worry. Beginning at the start of the new year, The Pinnacle will be broadcasting online as well.

If you are interested in contacting 106.7 The Pinnacle for a story, you can visit the station located at 116 North Broadway in the Old Town area of Berea.