Alleged Erratic Driving Leads to DUI, Attempted “Prostitution” Charges for Richmond Man


A Richmond man was recently arrested after police reportedly observed his vehicle swerving while in operation. According to officials, William Feltner was driving the car at a “very slow rate of speed” and was braking erratically.

After observing that the vehicle’s rear license plate was not illuminated, the officer conducted a traffic stop on Old Lexington Road. When asked about his alleged unsafe driving, Feltner told authorities that he was looking at his phone while driving.

Police dispatch advised the official that the vehicle’s registration had been cancelled due to Feltner failing to maintain insurance on it. Feltner reportedly admitted to not having insurance for the vehicle for approximately 1 to 2 months.

According to the citation, Feltner had difficulty comprehending the officer’s questions and his speech was slurred. Police also noted that it took “a long amount of time” for Feltner to locate his vehicle registration, even after being told by the official that it was in the passenger seat.

Authorities conducted several tests to determine Feltner’s sobriety. Feltner was allegedly unable to complete one test, and failed another. Following this, he was transported to Baptist Health Richmond to have a blood test conducted.

After being Mirandized, Feltner agreed to speak with officers and reportedly claimed that he had been driving to a local motel to meet a prostitute that he had met online. According to police, Feltner stated that he had planned on paying $60 to $70 to engage in sexual intercourse with the prostitute for a 20 to 30 minute time period.

Further reading of the citation indicates that Feltner gave police permission to look through his phone, where they discovered multiple text messages detailing transaction inquiries between Feltner and various female subjects.

Officials arrested Feltner and charged him with Rear License Not Illuminated, Failure to Maintain Required Insurance, No Registration Plates, and Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence, and Attempted Prostitution.