Berea Funeral Home Holds Grand Opening for Cremation Facility


Citizens of Madison County wanting to adhere to their loved one’s final wishes now have a new option to assist during the delicate process.

Today, Lakes Funeral Home in Berea held the grand opening of their own onsite cremation facility, the first of its kind in the county.

Prior to the opening of this facility, area residents would have to arrange for the deceased party’s remains to be cremated out of the county. This would usually involve the remains being transported to locations such as Fayette County or, in some cases, Somerset.

The introduction of this new facility offers a closer-to-home opportunity for families of county residents who opt for cremation.

Co-owner of the funeral home, Greg Lakes, tells us that the facility utilizes modern technology that distinguishes it from crematoriums of the past. The chamber used for cremation, also known as a retort, is controlled by a computer system that improves efficiency and reduces fuel use.

The computer system doesn’t just help onsite employees during the cremation process. It also allows out-of-state technicians to monitor and make adjustments to the machine.