Richmond Mayor Blythe Recuperating, Taking Day Off Following Near Miss with Car


Richmond city commission met last night where Mayor Robert Blythe, shortly after making several presenations announced he had been hit by a car near Second Street and Main.

The mayor continued the meeting for a short time when he then asked for an adjournment, stating that he was not feeling well and his blood pressure was high.

The meeting continued, with mayor pro tem Jason Morgan officiating.

WBONtv followed up with Commissioner Mike Brewer, who said that he stayed by the Mayor’s side as he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

According to Brewer, a car with a female driver nearly backed into Blythe as he was walking downtown, and after Blythe hit the back of the car to alert the driver, she allegedly drove off.

Brewer says that Blythe is recuperating, and took the day off for his medical issues that may have stemmed from the near-miss. Blythe told Brewer, a former EMT, that he was glad to have him by his side during the evaluations at the hospital.