Temps Will Plummet Into the Low Teens Tonight


If you like the cold, you are in luck! Do you like snow? We got some of that, too. As a matter of fact, we ended up with record snowfall last night.

The record had been under an inch of snow, and we ended up just over an inch with totals as high as a couple of inches to the North. Today, we are going to stay very cold with highs only reaching into the upper 20s.

Tonight, there is a good chance we will tie another record. The record low for tonight is 13 set in 1911, and that is about where we will end up tonight. It was only a few weeks ago we were setting record highs, now we are challenging the low records.

Tomorrow, we will warm up a little more than what we saw today, and we will continue a gradual temperature increase all the way into the weekend. Highs for your Wednesday will top out in the upper 30s.