Snowfall Will Make a Surprise Appearance Tonight


Are you enjoying the milder temps we’re seeing here in the Bluegrass? If so, you are in for a disappointing surprise tonight and tomorrow.

If you have made it up to this point in the season without breaking out your heavy coat, that streak is probably over. Highs today are near 60, but the bottom will drop out tonight.

We will start our transition about 5 p.m. with rain moving into the area and temps quickly dropping and that rain changing over to snow. Snow will fall most of the night, but with the warm weather we have had today, the ground is going to be warm. That is going to really affect how much of that snow is going to stick.

Lows for tonight dropping into the very low 20s. Snow should wrap up before most of our alarms go off tomorrow, but what will be left is an absolutely frigid day for Tuesday. Highs will only top out in the mid to upper 20s. If that sounds cold to you, prepare for lows in the low teens on Tuesday night. Brrrr!