Berea Police Find Alleged Shoplifter Running on Interstate Off-Ramp


The Berea Police Department responded to a shoplifting report made by loss prevention officers early Wednesday morning.

When police arrived, a witness informed them that the suspect had fled the scene on foot. Authorities would later locate 39 year-old Thomas Carpenter reportedly running in the middle of the off-ramp of I-75 Northbound.

Officials made contact with Carpenter, and observed him to be unsteady on his feet and slow in his responsiveness. In addition to his placement on the off-ramp of an interstate highway, this resulted in police deeming his actions dangerous to both himself and nearby motorists.

According to the citation, officers found a scale and bloody syringe on Carpenter’s person, which they believe to have previously contained heroin. The stolen items were recovered from Carpenter and returned to the store they were originally from. Authorities were later told that Carpenter had been previously trespassed from the store multiple times.

Berea Police arrested Carpenter and charged him with the following offenses: