Richmond Man Arrested on Reckless Driving Charge


A Kentucky State Police officer recently arrested a Richmond man after allegedly observing him driving recklessly on the Eastern Bypass.

Officials say that Aaron Bratcher was traveling at an approximate speed of 30mph and swerving “excessively” left to right entering other lanes, which was impeding other traffic.

After the officer pulled Bratcher over, they reportedly observed that his eyes were red and that there was an odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from his person. Police also noted that he was sluggish and that his speech was impaired.

When asked if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages prior that day, Bratcher allegedly stated that he had drank “a couple”. Multiple sobriety tests were conducted on Bratcher, which, according to police, determined that he was under the influence. Several tabs to drinking containers were later found in his back pocket.

Authorities arrested Bratcher and charged him with Reckless Driving, Improperly Driving on Left Side of Road, and Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol.