Woman Observed Allegedly Passed out in Street Arrested by RPD


In a recent arrest by the Richmond Police Department, officers arrived to the area of Luxon Drive, where they encountered a female allegedly passed out in the middle of the roadway.

The citation details that officers arrived to find Kandi Harner laying in the parking lot, and was determined to be allegedly manifestly under the influence as she had slurred speech, no balance, had constricted pupils, and could not seem to stay awake.

Police determined that she was so intoxicated by a substance other than alcohol that she proved to be a danger to herself or others, and disturb those in the vicinity.

Harner allegedly told police that she had smoked joints, and taken pills. She was also, according to the citation, wanted on a bench warrant for other drug charges and public intoxication. EMS arrived on scene but reported that Harner denied any treatment or evaluation. She was arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center on a charge of public intoxication, excluding alcohol.