Richmond Man Charged with Multiple Drug, Trafficking Offenses


Richmond police recently responded to a call that they say was in an area known for narcotics trafficking, and one local man left in handcuffs with a handful of charges.

According to the citation, police observed a vehicle in the area of Turpin Drive, and witnessed a car with a cancelled and outdated registration and plates.

When the officer pulled the car over, they said that the operator, Gary James Carney, was shaking and visibly nervous. Carney told police that he had just recently bought the car, and consented to a search. Inside the vehicle, police report they discovered suspected methamphetamine as well as a substance believed to be heroin, as well as a scale with residue.

Carney denied that these were his items, and said that he had a female in his car recently, but later admitted that the substances were his. Over $400.00 was also discovered in cash in the vehicle, which police report in the citation that was “manicured in a way consistent with trafficking in narcotics”.

The car was towed, and Carney has since been lodged in the Detention Center charged with no registration plates or receipt, trafficking in a first degree controlled substance, possession of heroin, and possessions of paraphernalia.