Get Ready: Live Coverage from WBONtv for Election 2019


It’s time again for election coverage. WBONtv will be your home base for the local election returns for controversial races, such as the Governor and Attorney General.

We will have information live from the courthouse in Madison County, as well as be getting numbers from Estill and surrounding counties.

Our panel back at the studios of Wallingford Broadcasting will also be speaking on important topics from the area, including local news such as the contentious tax bill and the recent visit from the President.

People from as far away as Minnesota have started camping out at Rupp arena for this evening’s visit by President Trump.

Campers started gathering as early as Saturday for a chance to attend the rally.

The president is here to show support for the Governor’s re-elction bid just in time for tomorrow’s election. However, only about 31 percent of registered voters are expected to vote tomorrow.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. To 6 p.m. on Tuesday. As always, if you are standing in line at 6 p.m., You must be allowed to vote.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the election returns on all Wallingford Broadcasting radio stations, as well as live on However, 100.7 the coyote will be live with the EKU game if you still want to catch the college basketball action.