Dollar Store Knife Fight Lands Two in Jail


Richmond Police recently responded to a report of a knife fight between two male subjects in a dollar store parking lot on Lexington Road.

According to arrest citations, Thomas Wells and Robert Carter were separated upon police arrival. A knife was found nearby in a mulch bed that belonged to Carter. Police then located a knife in Wells’ front pants pockets.

When officers questioned Wells about the conflict, he reportedly stated that he had his boss drop him off at a car that he claims should belong to him. At this time, Wells approached Carter and his ex-girlfriend who were at the vehicle.

According to witnesses at the scene, Carter was the first to pull out a knife and throw a punch. The two then allegedly began to yell at each other, and prepared to fight. Wells said that at one point, he followed Carter to the front doors when he went back inside the store and brandished his knife toward him.

Authorities later reportedly discovered that Carter had concealed a box of trash bags in his pants, and had not paid for them. According to police, Carter admitted to leaving the store without paying for it.

Both Wells and Carter were arrested and charged with Menacing, 2nd Degree Disorderly Conduct, and 3rd Degree Terroristic Threatening. Additionally, Carter was charged with Shoplifting.