Richmond Man Accused of Assaulting, Strangling Victim


Richmond Police were recently dispatched to a Boggs Lane residence in response to a domestic service call.

The victim told officers that they had been arguing for the previous two days, which escalated earlier that day. They went on to say that on this afternoon, Samuel Warner became angry and flipped a coffee table which struck their left leg.

The victim alleged that Warner then lunged at them and pushed them down towards a couch. According to the citation, Warner proceeded to hold the victim in a rear-naked choke hold. The victim stated that during this time, their vision became blurry and their hearing became muffled. Reportedly, the choke hold was broken after Warner was struck in the head.

Neighbors allegedly called the police during the incident after hearing the altercation, which lead to Warner being taken to jail on an unrelated warrant upon police arrival. However, Warner reportedly returned later that evening and continued attacking the victim outside of their house.

The victim stated that Warner grabbed their neck and pushed them up against the front door. Injuries sustained by the victim during the alleged attack include bruising to the left knee and throat area as well as lacerations and indentations to their right index finger.

When officials made contact with Warner, who was still at the scene, he reportedly claimed that he had never put his hands on the victim. Further reading of the citation indicates that Warner also sated that the victim’s injuries were self-inflicted in an attempt to get him put in jail.

Warner was arrested, and charged with 1st Degree Strangulation and 4th Degree Assault.